Why Snapshot?

To my mind there is a vast difference between a photograph and a snapshot.
A photograph is made, the photographer has a vision for the image in mind and sets about creating it. Waiting for the right light or weather conditions and often visiting the scene several times to get it just right.
A snapshot on the other hand is taken as the opportunity arises, often with minimal thought. It is what we do on holiday, when out with family, it aids us in remembering those moments long past.
Having said that, many snapshots are perfect, just like the postcard, whilst some photographs, despite the time and effort, look like a hurried snapshot.
I take mainly snapshots, but occasionally, I get a beautiful photograph.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to the beginning.

My first real camera, and as far as I can recall my first camera was a Canon AE-1 with 50/1.8 lens. In a fairly short time I also purchase a 2X converter, a cheap Sunpak flash and three filters, yellow, orange and red, for use with Black and White film.

There was absolutely nothing that I wanted to photograph with this setup that I couldn't. I took photo's of car shows, landscapes, car races even a pot of beans on the stove once. Fast forward thirty odd years and I have more kit than you can poke a stick at and find myself anguishing over what gear to take with me when I venture out.

I am not advocating disposing of any equipment but perhaps better understanding myself and what I want to achieve with my images and what I want to take pictures of. As a bit of a challenge to myself I think I will endeavor to use only the HD DA 35/2.8 macro and the HD DA 70/2.4 as these best equal the focal lengths of my old film days. I will try this for the remainder of the year.

One disclaimer though, if I find I am going to be venturing somewhere special or a place that I may be unable to visit again in the near future, then I may throw in an additional lens or two just to be sure I capture what I want to.

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