Why Snapshot?

To my mind there is a vast difference between a photograph and a snapshot.
A photograph is made, the photographer has a vision for the image in mind and sets about creating it. Waiting for the right light or weather conditions and often visiting the scene several times to get it just right.
A snapshot on the other hand is taken as the opportunity arises, often with minimal thought. It is what we do on holiday, when out with family, it aids us in remembering those moments long past.
Having said that, many snapshots are perfect, just like the postcard, whilst some photographs, despite the time and effort, look like a hurried snapshot.
I take mainly snapshots, but occasionally, I get a beautiful photograph.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pentax Q

Okay, so in case you didn't know I am a Pentaxian. I use Pentax DSLR cameras and a couple or four Pentax film cameras. I do use a Canon G6 and two canon film cameras also but most of my hard earned has gone into Pentax.

Back to the point. Pentax today announced a new camera and lense system, the Q mount. It appears to be a digital version of the old Pentax Auto 110. It is very small and compact and probably won't do very well. There you go, a big call by me but I think it gets 10/10 for novelty value but like many toys, the novelty soon wears off.

Want to read more about it then click here.

Want to see pictures of it then click here.

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